After winning last year’s Brand You Award in the Advertising category, I’m thrilled to have again been nominated this year!

I’ve been nominated in the Advertising category, and this year’s nomination is mainly down to my involvement with these fabulous projects:

The Lambeth Parks Challenge
Ariadne Book Search App
as well as my digital automata series.

The Brand You Awards have been initiated by Bristol Media to celebrate individuals and freelancers and their contributions to the creative sector.

You can read more about the awards on the Bristol Media website

A couple of months ago I finished (and promoted the hell out of) another digital automaton.
It’s called the Netherton and it is really a bit of fan art for the Nether Regions film by Maria Lee & Lesley Farrow

The video above is a breakdown of the design/ animation and below there’s some more doodles from the process & some stills.

Very happy to have managed to go and see the fantastic Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican!

If you’re interested in digital art, games, interactive installations and robotics it’s well worth going, although you should hurry, as it’ll only be on for another week until the 14th September.

This fantastic making of the Lambeth Parks Challenge¬†video was made by our fabulous project manager Stephen and sent to us (the project team) as a surprise to celebrate the project’s anniversary.

I worked alongside Stephen, Mariana (design) and Pete (development) as illustrator and animator on the project.
Here’s my original blogpost which includes images & videos of the illustrations/animations I worked on.

The Lambeth Parks Challenge has been developed by White October for Lambeth Council. The app gets users involved with their local parks budgets by inviting them to create their own virtual park.

Take up the challenge at

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